Frequently Asked Questions

The KwaraLEARN Programme is a core new education programme by the Government of Kwara State to deliver dramatic improvements in learning outcomes in public schools for all primary pupils across Kwara State.

Yes. In April 2021, KwaraLEARN will be in 100 schools.  By the end of the programme, KwaraLEARN will be in all 1,578 public primary schools in Kwara.

The KwaraLEARN Programme will;

  • Ensure all teachers are trained in modern, scientifically-based pedagogy and supported through continuous professional development and coaching
  • Ensure pupils have access to high-quality classrooms that lead to accelerated and continuous improvement of learning gains that will close the learning gap through remedial interventions and ensure pupils are at age and grade-appropriate learning levels
  • Elevate the levels of professionalism within the schools, including attendance and “real time” attendance as measured by the delivery of instruction to students throughout the entire scheduled teaching schedule.

What challenges will the program address in the education sector in Kwara?

It will address;

  • -Poor learning outcomes in pupils
  • -Low enrollment of Pupils and bring more pupils back to the public system
  • -Lack of capacity by teachers and non-child-centred teaching methods

The KwaraLEARN programme will run between 2022 and 2025.

The Governor has said that the KwaraLEARN initiative is a lifetime investment to empower teachers and give public school pupils the best shot at 21st century education with reverberating effects on the future of the state.

There are 16 local government areas (LGAs) in Kwara. The first pilot LGAs for the KwaraLEARN programme is in 4 government areas: Ilorin East, Ilorin West, Offa and Baruten

Overall 400,000 pupils will benefit from KwaraLEARN. In year one of the programme 54, 294 state public primary school pupils will benefit.

There are 1,578 public primary schools in Kwara.

KwaraLEARN will transform all government primary schools across the state into powerful public schools using an innovative technology and data-driven platform, coupled with high-quality learning materials, effective training and ongoing coaching for teachers and school leaders, and technology-enabled support teams to create 360-degree support for learning outcomes.

All 1,578 public primary schools will be in the KwaraLEARN programme. In year one, 365 public primary schools in Kwara will be part of KwaraLEARN.

KwaraLEARN is a government public school programme. It will ensure that regardless of a child’s location of birth, income or education levels of their parents, pupils of Kwara have the opportunity to reach their full potential.

All 1,578 public primary schools will be in the KwaraLEARN programme. In year one, 365 public primary schools in Kwara will be part of KwaraLEARN.

All teachers and headteachers in primary schools will be trained and supported by KwaraLEARN.

Yes. Similar programmes are being implemented in Nigeria – Edo (EdoBEST) and Lagos (EKOEXCEL) States, with a proven increase in learning outcomes.


The result of the impact of EKOEXCEL has been staggering. 300 EKOEXCEL schools were used as a baseline, results showed that in the first eight weeks of its implementation, in literacy, learning was three times faster and in numeracy two times faster than schools that were not in EKOEXCEL


In three years after the programme began EdoBEST has accelerated student fluency to near global standards in less than 3 years, a feat that took countries recognised for global excellence in learning – South Korea and Singapore – decades to achieve. The new learning data analysis on EdoBEST shows that Edo state has accelerated reading fluency to 70% of that of High Income Countries, compared to less than 30% for Nigeria nationally and other low income countries globally.
There is plenty of evidence of the efficacy of Bridge community schools in Lagos (a NewGlobe programme), which uses the same approach as EdoBEST and EkoEXCEL schools. Bridge pupils’ performance in the national common entrance examination shows year-on-year exceptional performance, scoring top marks above the national average, an indication of the academic excellence at Bridge community schools and further evidence that Bridge provides a strong education to the Nigerian children.
The UK Department for International Development released the ‘Learning in Lagos‘ report in October 2018. The report findings show all types of children reach high attainment in a Bridge school. This contradicts decades of global education research trends that demonstrate family background matters more than the school a child attends, in relation to levels of learning. The finding of equity in learning at Bridge is groundbreaking.

Yes. The KwaraLEARN platform includes digital tools for enabling data-driven, rubric based classroom observations that guide head teachers and support teams in supporting high-quality, child-centred, scientifically-based lessons, with such data aggregated and disaggregated for feedback in professional development. It is specially optimized and purpose-built for low-infrastructure environments.

By introducing innovative and additional learning contents to help all pupils to catch up and fill measured learning gaps caused by delay in return to in-person class.

Yes. The capacity building will impact government staff across three levels – Classroom level, School administration level and SUBEB/Ministry Level

According to Governor AbdulRazaq, “Our technical partners — NewGlobe — are trusted to drive this programme to success. They have done it in Edo and Lagos, and we trust them to do a lot more to partner with other stakeholders towards returning basic education to the dream of our founding fathers.

  • Nearly 15 year- track record of delivering statistically significant learning outcomes (measured by multiple studies showing greater than a 0.25 standard deviations gain over status quo public schools) within similar socioeconomic communities as in Kwara State, both within Nigeria and across other emerging economies
  • -Supported full management of schools in urban, peri-urban and rural areas

-Demonstrated experience leading teacher selection and training at scale.

  • Innovative Technology Platform for Learning Delivery, Accountability and Support
  • Data-Driven Ongoing Coaching and Professional Development
  • Scientifically-based Learning Materials aligned to Nigerian Curriculum
  • 360-Degree Support Teams
  • Technology-driven Monitoring and Reporting

The programme will transform 1,578 public primary schools across the state into KwaraLEARN schools serving 400,000 children. However, the first phase of the rollout plan will involve 365 schools in the first year.

  • Improvements in the quality (as opposed to the quantity) of schooling increases the cognitive ability of the labour force, which directly translates to greater productivity and higher economic output for a state or country
  • A return on investment of the programme whereby the state’s economic growth rate (measured in GDP) will increase by 0.5% annually
  • A larger proportion of the workforce will come from the pupils who graduate with significantly improved education

No. All schools in the KwaraLEARN programme remain public primary schools.
Management structures at the State, LGA and ward levels are responsible for all public schools in Kwara State. NewGlobe only serves as a technical partner to the Kwara government on the implementation of KwaraLEARN.

A core component of KwaraLEARN is combining thousands of hours of practical classroom-centered learning and technology- assisted support to deliver data-driven in-field ongoing coaching and professional development based on real-time feedback of instructional delivery and learning success. In addition to the in-person support, teachers are provided with digital feedback of their success through the tablet application and messaging platform.

Visionary Nigerian leaders invest in the transformation of public education. They know that doing so unlocks enormous potential, empowering populations to create economic growth, deliver security and drive development. 
NewGlobe supports national and state governments by creating powerful technology-enabled education systems. An education expert and leader in learning, NewGlobe has unequalled experience in dramatically transforming educational outcomes at speed and at scale. NewGlobe’s footprint in Nigeria covers Edo, Lagos, Borno and Kwara.