Four Tips for Effective Teaching

Welcome to KwaraLEARN, where our dedicated teachers strive to make learning fun, exciting, and engaging for pupils. To ensure that our lessons are effective and impactful, our teachers follow four key tips every day. Let’s take a closer look at each one.


A KwaraLEARN Teacher in Green Shirt with 'Globally Competitive Government Schools' Inscription on thr back.
KwaraLEARN teachers in a classroom, participating in induction training.


  1. Be Prepared
    Preparation is key to successful teaching. Our teachers carefully preview their lessons on the teacher tablet, including objectives, materials, and activities, to ensure that every minute of class time is used efficiently. By preparing thoroughly, our teachers can ensure that pupils have a clear understanding of what they need to learn and how they will learn it.
  2. Be Organised
    Organisation is essential to a successful learning environment, especially at KwaraLEARN schools. Our teachers keep their classrooms neat and tidy, with clear areas for instruction, objectives for the day, and character boards. By organising their classrooms effectively, our teachers minimise distractions, keep pupils focused, and create a comfortable learning environment.
  3. Have a Positive Mindset
    A positive mindset is the foundation of a successful learning experience. Our teachers understand that a positive attitude sets the tone for the classroom, creates a welcoming environment, and builds pupils’ confidence. By maintaining a positive outlook, our teachers help pupils feel motivated and encouraged to learn.
  4. Keep Pupils Active
    Keeping pupils active and engaged is crucial to effective learning. Our teachers incorporate interactive and hands-on activities into their lessons, encouraging pupils to participate actively and enhancing their learning experience. By keeping pupils engaged, our teachers help them to understand and retain new concepts more effectively.

At KwaraLEARN, we believe that these tips are fundamental to effective teaching and learning. By maintaining a positive attitude, planning thoroughly, organising effectively, and keeping pupils engaged, our teachers create an exciting and dynamic learning environment that fosters growth and success.