KwaraLEARN: A new approach to transformative learning

The transformation of public primary schools was very evident during a stakeholder visit to Ansarul-deen LGEA Primary School, Ilorin West LGA, earlier today on November 18th, 2022. Leading the team of stakeholders was the Commissioner for Communications, Hon. Olabode Towoju, Chairman Kwara State Universal Basic Education Board (KWSUBEB), Prof. Shehu Adaramaja and other directors from the Ministry of Education and Human Capital Development (KWMOEHCD) and KWSUBEB.

In an effort to ensure the delivery of the transformation of the public primary schools in Kwara State using innovative technology, data-driven platforms, high-quality learning materials, effective training and ongoing coaching and support for teachers and school leaders. The Communications Commissioner, Hon. Olabode Towoju, and KWSUBEB Chair, Prof. Shehu Adaramaja, met with pupils, teachers and school staff. They had the opportunity to see first-hand the educational experience being provided by KwaraLEARN as the range of extracurricular activities run by the programme to further support and develop the children were also observed.

In a rare opportunity, the KWSUBEB chairman took over one of the lessons in a Physical Education class. He said: “It has been a pleasure to participate in the lessons today. I am elated they are not only learning, but they are also able to interpret their learnings.”

KWSUBEB Chairman, Prof. Shehu Adaramaja, taking a class on Physical Education while Commissioner for Communications looks on.

The Communications Commissioner was very impressed by the dedication of the staff and the enthusiasm of the children. In particular, he was delighted to hear about the school’s methodology which deploys 21st-century technology to support teachers in the classrooms, which will enable our children to fulfil their potential and offer them and the State a brighter future.

The Commissioner was thrilled with the fact that the KwaraLEARN platform affords the children an opportunity to forward ideas and bring about positive changes in their schools. “It says a lot about the KwaraLEARN initiative, the teachers are prepared to engage with their pupils and listen to their views. But more importantly, it speaks volumes about the children involved that they are keen to make a difference.” Towoju added.

The KWSUBEB Chairman added that “KwaraLEARN is a transformative education programme by the Government of Kwara State to deliver dramatic improvements in learning outcomes in public schools for all children across Kwara State.”

L-R: The KwaraLEARN management team at the stakeholder’s meeting are Olusegun Abiola, Project Director; Segun Sanusi, Schools Director; Bolanle Olukoju, Communications Director; Saheed Olowo, Regional Manager, School; Femi Oyinloye, Director Academics, and Suleiman Sanni, Regional Manager, Schools.

“KwaraLEARN represents the vision for a stronger Kwara. It is set to deliver dramatic improvements in learning outcomes for public school children across the State. It will accelerate the literacy and numeracy skills of our pupils, enabling them to compete with their peers anywhere in the world,” he added.

The Commissioner further said: “I have enjoyed my visit today and I thank everyone involved for their warm welcome. I would also like to commend the KwaraLEARN team. The KwaraLEARN initiative is a lifetime investment to empower teachers and give public school pupils the best shot at 21st-century education with reverberating effects on the future of the State.”

Kwara State Commissioner for Communications, Hon. Olabode Towoju, during a demonstration for the children.

KwaraLEARN (Leading Education Achievement and Reform Now) is a core new education programme by the Government of Kwara State to deliver dramatic improvements in learning outcomes in public schools for all children across Kwara State. Transforming the existing school systems and upskilling government teachers, KwaraLEARN aims to solve the basic education problems in Kwara State. The initiative will provide training for teachers on how to use technology in the classroom, as well as how to effectively teach the new curriculum. KwaraLEARN will also establish a system of monitoring and evaluation so that the progress of each school can be monitored and evaluated.